We are a Canadian company, owned and operated by a team of dreamers with a genuine passion for personal growth and development. The idea of a motivational typography endeavour was born out of our own necessity to overcome internal and external challenges that usually appear on a growth path. While we were rooting for ourselves (yeah, we do that) and kept going, we thought of our fellow dream chasers and their own struggles. We know that words are powerful and that the right words at the right moment can make a big difference. Whatever your dream is, whatever your definition of success is, it can be done!

Why motivational? 

Because we simply believe in everyone's natural potential to continually grow and achieve great things both on a personal and professional level. Because we know what it takes to be a dream chaser, the thrill, the ups, the downs and the doubts in between. Our dream and hope is that our inspirational messages will accessorize your self-belief and eagerness to succeed at building your dream life.

Why typography?

Because we want to deliver our motivational messages in an eye-catching way as a constant reminder of your dream and your ability to make it happen. Plus, we love typography! We could spend days creating the perfect typography design for our inspirational texts. 

Why posters? 

Because they are such a versatile and rather affordable wall decor accessory. We knew we loved putting together inspirational messages for other dream chasers and we knew we wanted to deliver those messages in an artistic and appealing way. The next step was choosing a type of product for our designs that would fit two main criteria: eco-friendly and Canadian made. So we decided to start with posters. Looking forward, we are eager to test our designs on other eco-friendly and Canadian made products. Stay tuned!   

Our Posters

MOTIVORIZE® posters are a great source of inspiration, daily motivation, confidence boost and positive vibes for any growth-oriented, self-growth, self-made, success driven dream chaser. The design of the prints gives a fresh and modern look to any wall you choose to decorate in your home, office, classroom or workout space. Stay strong and positive while working on reaching your goal! Perfect motivational gift for entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed, students, teenagers, teachers, athletes and more.

Our Sustainability Approach

We print our posters on 100% Recycled Paper in a low waste, low energy consumption facility that utilizes environmentally friendly, FSC certified, soy-based inks. We mindfully selected eco-friendly options for the packaging of our products as well. As we continue to grow, we are actively looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. 

All MOTIVORIZE® posters are printed on Rolland Enviro® Paper which is 100% Recycled, Permanent, Processed Chlorine Free and made with Renewable Energy.